About Principia

Unified Field Theory is taught through Principia which is the school of Unified Field Theory.  Principia is the school of the science of Consciousness.   It has been created to teach the science and philosophy of Unified Field Theory.  Principia teaches the physics of both science and spirit.  It teaches 5D science.  This science is also known as "True Science" since it teaches the truth of what a human being truly is and how the cosmos operates.

Principia Unitas is the name of the seven books about Unified Field Theory.  Written by me, Christina Munns,  it sheds light onto many problems in current physics.  The seven volumes of Principia Unitas are as follows:

Volume I = On the Information in Light

Volume II = The Quantum Mechanism

Volume III = The Universal Mechanism

Volume IV = On the Origin of Quantum Mechanics

Volume V = Unified M-Theory

Volume VI = On the Quantum Mechanics of Homeopathy

Volume VII = The Symmetry of Light

Unified Field Theory took twenty three months to write and represents the culmination of a lifetime's questioning and research.  I have researched deeply into ancient Christian, Vedic, Kashmir Shaivite and Ayurvedic  texts.  I have also researched the energetic anatomy of the human body for fifteen years, as well as contemplated the medical symbol of The Caduceus for five years, the fruit of which reflection provided me with the inspiration to develop the Unified Standard Model itself.  I could write another book about all the events that took place whilst writing Unified Field Theory, but the foreword of the book (found in Volume I) gives an idea of the epic journey that has been travelled to bring this information to the world.   As a child I always thought differently from other people, and it was not until I was nearing the completion of Principia Unitas that I saw that it was this gift of lateral perception that enabled me to "think out of the box" to develop this unified field theory.  

I have written a series of videos to explain the foundational principles of Unified Field Theory and these are available on this site under the heading "Videos".  It is my life's work and intention to help humanity come to recognise the fact that only Pure Consciousness exists and that this state is the essence of a human being.  This primordial state has been given many names over the aeons (God/Brahman/Shiva/The Tao/Buddhahood/The Self/Absolute Zero/No-thing), but the simple truth is that these names all describe the singular state that is both the cause and effect of the cosmos. 


Unified Field Theory is not just pure science, it is also philosophy.  It is not just informational data - a bunch of facts and formulae (although it is that as well).  No, Unified Field Formula is sacred and potent information that describes in detail the mechanics and dynamics of the cosmos.  It unravels ancient mysteries that have never before been understood by humanity.  As humanity begins the 21st century, we are each being given an opportunity to embrace a whole new paradigm of reality.  One in which there is no differentiation or separation - all is Pure Consciousness in different forms.  What this means is that we, as a species, have the unique opportunity to unite with one another through the understanding that we all and each exist within the dome of Pure Consciousness, and that it is through the power of the heart (Field 4 of the Unified Standard Model) that connects us together and unites us in the space of love.  Truly speaking it is within the heart of each human being that lies the doorway to the cosmic field.  Thus it is through the application of love and not thought (i.e. through using the heart and not the mind) that we can come together and create a harmonious and unified species - at one with each other and our precious planet - Mother Earth.  May this Unified Field Theory serve as a conduit of this liquid language of the heart, of Pure Consciousness, so that we all can not only survive but also thrive and experience the joy and abundance that is each of our birthright.

Remember - "You are the unified field.  You are That" 

with best wishes,
Christina Munns