What Is C-ism?

  • C-ism is the spirituality of Unified Field Theory.  It will support humanity throughout the 21st century and beyond.

  • "C-ism" is an abbreviation of Consciousness-ism.  It represents the philosophy of the unification of both science and spirituality.

  • C-ism is beyond all religious and irreligious belief constructs.  Its foundation is Pure Consciousness which in spiritual terms is described as God/Brahman/The Tao/Zarathustra/state of Sat-Chit-Ananda/the Self.  In scientific terms this state is described as the state of Absolute Zero, Nothing-ness or Field 12 of the Unified Standard Model.  Pure Consciousness/God over-arches all philosophical systems, be they spiritual, agnostic or atheistic.

  • C-ism is beyond the constructs of the mind and thought, since it is a philosophy of the state of Pure Consciousness Itself.  

  • C-ism is not one religion – it is all schools of thought that acknowledge the sacredness within the cosmos simultaneously.  In this respect, C-ism has the capacity to unify humanity and bring harmony amongst all people who acknowledge the sacred aspect of the cosmos and in themselves.

  • C-ism is both a philosophy and a way of life.  It helps shape the way we perceive ourselves and the cosmos and the way we choose to live our life.

  • C-ism engages both the head and the heart and brings them into a state of unity.  It is unbalanced to exist in this life purely from a rational perspective.  We also have
    emotions and hopes, dreams and desires and these aspects of the heart also
    need to be acknowledged and incorporated into our world view.

  • C-ism both explains how the cosmos operates and how a human being fits into it.  It also provides twelve foundational principles (The 12 Foundations) by which to live.  The 12 Foundations of C-ism are the steps to be taken on the path for humanity to become unified, abundant and harmonious.

  • C-ism is both a science and a philosophy.  It is based on the science of Unified Field Theory and the philosophy of Consciousness from the ancient sages.

  • C-ism unifies all previous spiritual and philosophical schools of thought, since it performs the goal of religion to “re-link” (re-ligare, i.e. re- (again) + ligare or "to reconnect,") back to the primordial cosmic principle of Pure Consciousness/ God/Brahman/Absolute Zero/The Tao/Zarathustra/Field 12. 

  • C-ism has the following principles based on Unified Field Theory:  

    • You are the Unified Field  (i.e. modern version of “Thou Art That”).

    • Everyone is the Unified Field (i.e. modern version of “love thy neighbour as thyself”).

    • Cardiocentric cosmology (i.e. that we are all connected via the space of the heart – i.e. we are all one in the energy of love.  Love is the unifying and strongest force in the cosmos).

    • Only Pure Consciousness/God/Brahman/Absolute Zero/The Tao/Zarathustra/Field 12/state of Sat-Chit-Ananda exists – but in the material state has reconfigured Itself into three different states.  These forms are embodied in the three unitary symmetry groups of the current standard model of physics & the three forms of cellular life.

    • Humanity cannot see themselves as Field 12 or God or Pure Consciousness because of the illusory principle which in ancient texts is known as Maya and in physics = Big Bounce or Perturbation Principle (Field 10 of the Unified Standard Model).  This is the illusory nature of materiality, on which human ego is predicated, that gives rise to a deluded perception of reality and ignorance and thus leads to suffering and transmigration of the soul.

    • It is through the state of the heart (Field 4) that a person comes to be unified with Field 12 (i.e. enlightened) and not through the state of logic of the mind (Field 6).

    • Unified Field Theory on which C-ism is based, connects science & spirituality.  Scientists talk about Consciousness/Nothing/Absolute Zero and spirituality speaks of God/Brahman/Shiva – but both schools of thought are describing the same causal principle that creates and forms the cosmos and of which it is composed.

    • Atheists & agnostics cannot perceive the reality of Pure Consciousness/God due to the illusory mechanism of the Big Bounce or Perturbation Principle that gives rise to the illusion of contracted consciousness.  This illusory principle of Maya cloaks one's awareness  of the true identity as the unified field, or as Pure Consciousness.  Since Pure Consciousness is everything and every action, it also has the ability to hide Itself from Itself.  Therefore, the ego (which is a contracted state of Pure Consciousness) does not have the ability to perceive itself as the cosmic state and believes that this limited human form is the extent of its identity. This is related to the SU(2) unitary symmetry group which also governs ego (ego = illusion that a person is just an individual and separate from Pure Consciousness/ God/Field 12).   As in Plato's cave, the ego perceives the shadows as the substance.  This gift of perception that a human being has to perceive itself as God/unified field/entire cosmos is what differentiates a human being from other life forms.  It is the highest calling of a human being to know who they truly are.

    • C-ism explains that Pure Consciousness has made the universe out of Itself.  It is both the cause and effect of the cosmos.  We live in a holographic universe in which every part is a reflection of the primordial state of Pure Consciousness.  We each are the unified field or state of Field 12.  Each human being is also God.

    • C-ism represents the philosophy of Unified Field Theory.  This is True Science – the science of truth – a new 5D science of Satya Yuga – the Age of Truth or Golden Age which is related to the Age of Aquarius that we are now entering.  It is based on the science of Consciousness - the science of awareness that the ancient ones have taught us.

    • The universe has arisen from the state of Absolute Zero which is dual state of 0:1 (a.k.a. God/Shiva:Shakti/Elohim (father:mother God)/The Tao/Pure Consciousness) and it is from the state of nothing that something arises (Note that Unified Field Theory states that “something” (state of 1) arises from the state of “nothing” (state of 0) but that the two states are inseparable as the cosmic binary state of 0:1).

    • The physics of Consciousness is the physics of perception – 0:1 or seer:seen; subject:object; perceiver:perceived.  Ultimately there is only the Seer = Field 12 = Absolute Zero = Pure Consciousness..

    • There is only one reality, but this reality is perceived differently depending on the frequency of Consciousness of the perceiver.  The enlightened state = above Field 7.  In the human body Field 6 has the capacity to be the most perceptive state(indigo – short wavelength) and Field 1 the least so (red – long wavelength).  Different people perceive the world through the lens of different fields of perception, this is why there is difference of opinion since people are literally on different wavelengths of perception.

    • The cause of desire, pleasure and passion is bliss (SU(3)).  The cause of ego, pain and ignorance is asymmetry and materiality (SU(2)).  Both lead to suffering.  Freedom from both is the state of Truth - the singularity of U(1).

    • Consciousness is intrinsically creative – that is why what we think comes true.  All the media that we currently see and hear becomes embedded in our minds and recycles itself.  To create a harmonious world, it is better to focus on what is good and true and beautiful.  Make an intention to do so.  We are each responsible for creating a better world and each person can play their part by speaking uplifting words, thinking pure thoughts and acting with right action.

    • Current science is based on purely empirical evidence or rationalism.  To be valid, it must be observed or proven rationally.  Without the scientific method, there is no truth.  Such is the sad and contracted state of science today.   Unified Field Theory is True Science – 5D science – the science of Truth.  It encompasses both rationality and irrationality; of creation and evolution; of heart and mind; of science and spirituality.

    • We are living at a very exciting time on the planet - one in which those who can let go of duality consciousness and contracted states of fear, anger, hate, greed and need to control and learn to live in love, unity consciousness, joy and abundance will indeed receive the fruit of their perception and be able to live in the New Earth that is being birthed.

    • Here is a preview to a video about C-ism:

    • Tread softly in your life and be gentle with yourself.  Mother Earth is transforming, raising her vibration and it our personal responsibility to ourselves and also to our future generations to transform ourselves alongside Mother Earth, so that our beloved planet can return to its pristine

    • With love and respect

      C-ism Founder = Christina Munns

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