C-ism In Daily Life

  • There are four main ways of integrating C-ism into your daily life, each of which match a particular universal quality or unitary symmetry group that is part of the matrix of the cosmos and yourself.

  • By practising each, several or all of these paths, you will come to a state of harmony both within yourself and also within your environment.

  • U(1-0) – Being the unified field

               - Living as God/Pure Consciousness

               - Enlightenment

               - Freedom from past actions/impressions/attachments

               - Practising silence

               - Faith/Self-belief        

  • U(1-1) – Discrimination

               - Self-inquiry

               - Meditation

               - Perception

               - Knowledge/seeking the Truth

               - Reading sacred texts          

               - Purity

               - Goodness

  • SU(3)/Q2 – Action without expectation, attachment to results or ego.  This can involve actions at home, in the community, at work or alone.  When we act from a state of freedom or non-attachment we do not create future karma for ourselves.

           - Singing/chanting – singing Pure Consciousness/God’s praises in whatever form brings you closer to the divine sacred state of the unified field within yourself.  Singing opens the door of the heart and brings joy to the singer and his/her environment.

           - Prayer – through prayer we can make contact with the Divine and know that our prayers are being heard and will be answered in the perfect way at the perfect time, even though the answer may not be what we expect or even want!

           - Control of emotions.  Emotional balance.  Maintaining emotional harmony through the control of our emotions, thoughts and actions. Self-control  and self-discipline lead to both peace and contentment.

  • SU(2)/Q3 – Physical life.  This can involve both eating/drinking and exercise as well as how we nurture and maintain our body.  When we imbibe the understanding that  each of us IS God/Pure Consciousness/ Field 12/AUṂ./ the embodiment          of God/ the Cosmos in a contracted form/ a finite form of the infinite/ the Word  made flesh, then we begin to look after it in a more appropriate and honouring way.

           - Any form of exercise that honours the body as the body of God/Pure Consciousness or the temple of God will help to bring peace and harmony to the body and thus restore health.

           - By acknowledging that the ascension process that Mother Earth and all her inhabitants are now undergoing requires increased vigilance about the state of purity of our food and drink intake.  As we are remorphing into a          crystalline-based body from a carbon-based, it is important to eat more green leafy vegetables and foods rich in chlorophyll in order to absorb more light and thus vitality.

    By following some of the above practices you will begin to experience increased vitality, peace and clarity.  You will come to a higher vibrational state and this in turn will affect your life path in a positive way.   This will then impact on the purity of the entire planetary field, thus helping to raise the frequency of the consciousness of the entire planet.

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