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This site has been developed to make the books, online videos and live courses available that have been written to explain the physics of unified field theory.  Unified Field Theory was officially completed in June 2013 by Christina Munns.  It is contained in a seven volume set called Principia Unitas (which means "Principles of Unity") - Volume VII was added two years later!    Whilst the actual writing of Principia Unitas only took twenty three months to write, it represents the fruit of a lifetime's research, devotion, contemplation, prayer and meditation.  Principia Unitas explains both the cosmological and quantum dynamics of the unified field - i.e. the entire cosmos. Topics such as dark phenomena, Higgs boson, quantum gravity, evolution/creation, cardiocentric cosmology, holographic universe, black holes, unified relativity, unified M-theory, the true nature of spirituality and supersymmetry are all covered under the dome of Unified Field Theory.

On this site I have developed many online videos.  I hope to be offering live courses at a later date.  The intention for this site is to teach the physics of Consciousness and to engender a spirit of reverence for the sense of the sacred in science that is so urgently needed in our materialistic and outward-focussed society today.   

I have dedicated my life to the upliftment and unification of humanity through the raising of the frequency of consciousness on the planet by teaching the physics and philosophy of Unified Field Theory.  The important point to remember is that Unified Field Theory is not just information.  It is not "raw data".  It is sacred.    It proves the greatest Conspiracy Theory – that the cosmos was indeed created by and with God which is also the state of Pure Consciousness or No-thing.   This is why I have called this whole new physics of Consciousness - "True Science", since it is based on the principles of Truth as instructed by many of the world's major ancient spiritual traditions.  Principia Unitas are sacred texts that offer humanity an auspicious opportunity to act in harmony with each other and our beloved planet both for the benefit of ourselves and our future generations.  It teaches us how reality truly operates.  In this way we can work co-operatively with love and non-egotism to ensure the continuation and evolution of homeo sapiens.  Humanity no longer has the luxury of hatred, war, competition and duality based paradigms - i.e. you and me; us and them mentalities.  We must learn to forgive, let go of the past and live only in the present with our hearts fully engaged in the state of love.  Love is the greatest power in the cosmos and it is through the power of pure love that we can learn to live in the unified field.

In reality there is no "other" - we are all one.  Each human being is a hologram of the primordial state of Pure Consciousness in a contracted form.  We are one species on one planet.  When we live in harmony with the principles of the cosmos with reverence and humility, we will be able to thrive, enjoy and continue to experience all the wonder and bliss that the cosmos has to offer us.

It is through the understanding of the physics of Unified Field Theory, that we can appreciate that we are all connected through the fabric of Pure Consciousness, that is the singular underlying reality of the cosmos.  As humans, may not be the same in body and mind, but each of us is certainly non-linearly connected to each other through the state of Pure Consciousness that exists within our hearts.  It is with this heart-centred awareness coupled with a clear, discriminating intellect, courage, perseverance and unified intention that we can all move forward and bring the peace, prosperity and joy to humanity that is our true birthright.

with best wishes,

Christina Munns