Who is Christina Munns?

I am very fortunate to have a gift for physics.  I am also a classical homeopath, philosopher and meditate daily.  I have written a valid Unified Field Theory in a series of seven volumes called Principia Unitas that was completed in June 2013.  I care passionately about the future of humanity on our precious planet and have devoted my life to helping people come to know more about the cosmos, themselves and the upcoming changes to our planet.

The texts are written in an easy to understand style even though they are very detailed. Unified Field Theory is based on the understanding that the universe arises from the state of Pure Consciousness which from a spiritual perspective is called God and many other names - Shiva/Brahman/The Self/The Word. This whole new genre of science is called "True Science"  or "5D Science" because it is based on the truth of ancient Vedic science and Indian cosmology and ushers in a whole new genre of science based on the physics of Consciousness.

Many courses have been developed to help the process of learning about the overall concept of Unified Field Theory as well as the different discoveries within it. These are available on DVD by emailing: admin@principia.net.au.