Principia Unitas - Vol. IV - On the Origin of Quantum Mechanics

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Principia Unitas – Vol. IV
On the Origin of Quantum Mechanics
- Mathematical functions as operators of field dynamics
Christina Munns

The intention of this text is to explain the foundational origins and mechanics of field dynamics of the twelve fields of the Unified Standard Model of Unified Field Theory. The different mathematical operators are explained both in terms of the operation of their particular field and also in terms of their relationship to other fields as well as to the entire Unified Standard Model. Other functions that are covered include the factorial, Gaussian, Bessel, Fresnel and binary functions as they apply to the Unified Standard Model.

Essentially what has been able to be understood is that the basis of quantum mechanics is the mechanism of different particular mathematical functions. This information about mathematical functions as they relate to the flow of information and action as well as field and particle formation in the quantum field is of note, because it contextualises mathematical functions in the real world. Up until now we have known of the existence of these functions, but we have not been able to apply them in quantum mechanical calculations or in real life biological fields. It is by recognising the rôle that mathematical functions play in the quantum and universal mechanisms that a deeper understanding of mechanical processes of both the quantum and universal fields can be attained. I am convinced that the mathematical functions I am explaining here are just the tip of the iceberg as far as this topic is concerned, and that the application of many more mathematical functions of biological systems will come to light in the future.

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