1 Principia Unitas - Volume I - On the Information in Light

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Principia Unitas – Vol. I
On the Information in Light - An Introduction into Quantum Infodynamics
with Foreword
Christina Munns

This book puts forth the proposition that light has three states – information, wave and particle. The book introduces the new field of physics called QID – quantum infodynamics, that matches the four quantum numbers with four mathematical numbers on which the cosmos operates – i.e. that the cosmos is based on essentially four numbers, each of which match a unitary symmetry group. Thus the cosmos really can be perceived from a mathematical perspective and in this way the universe operates on an informational basis.  The book introduces the principles on which the Unified Field Theory and Unified Standard Model are based, and is recommended to be read as the introductory book of Principia Unitas.  This is the 3rd edition.

  • Explanation of the reality of the information-wave-particle triplet.
  • Introduction to principles of Unified Field Theory and the Unified Standard Model.
  • Explanation of the four universal numbers and the fact that the universe is causally informational.
  • Spatial componentry of light. The relationship of information to wave function, intrinsic, total and orbital angular momenta and angular velocity.
  • Explanation of the real nature of Euclidean space.
  • Explanation of Bosé-Einstein statistics with three unitary symmetry groups.
  • Explanation of physics of Fermi-Dirac statistics.
  • Explanation of information transfer mechanism within total angular momentum.
  • Comparison of the three neutrinos (νeνμντ) to each of the three unitary symmetry groups.
  • Concept that the informational aspect of photon is the symplectic manifold of visible light
  • Comparison between Pythagoras’ Theorem, Euclidean spatial axes and the formula E = mc2.
  • and much more….

Pages = 82  Figures = 64